Company Founder


MY CNC SDN. BHD. established in the year of 2019 and our head quarter is located at Sungai Long, Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia. However, the history of our business was started since year 1993.

Our Company is founded by the Founder, Mr. Alfedamon Lee (Alfred), who has 30 years of experience in the advertising machinery business. Starting out, the Founder envisaged a company that would rise above the rest by delivering not only a premium product with an emphasis on quality, but also exceptionally high levels of customer service; something the Founder felt was lacking in the industry.

The Founder had conceived the idea of setting up and manage a specialist company in supplying and distributing the advertising machineries and materials since 1993. Throughout the years, the Founder was facing various challenges in the process of setting up the business. However, the Founder has never given up and upholding the principles of on the foundation of strong business ethics and compliance, to do business sustainably and in a way that creates shared value. The Founder has overcome the hardship and MYCNC SDN. BHD. was successfully incorporated in year 2019.

Over the years, our Company has built a solid reputation upon these founding principles and is now synonymous with quality advertising machineries. We have a team of highly skilled team members that can work with the customers on the customers’ brief, from design to delivery, to ensure the machinery meets the customers’ precise needs. With a premium range of types of products and services, our Company is sure to be able to meet the customers’ requirements.

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